Your Personal Growth

Each of us has a quest -
Whether it is to inspire others through your leadership, to become an expert in your field, to nurture satisfying relationships, to finally achieve that dream, or to reinvent yourself for a new chapter.
Individual or group coaching can help you dream it and do it!


You're not in this alone. You have a partner.
You are creative and resourceful.
You're itching to move forward.

I am devoted to helping you gain valuable insight, take
purposeful action, and stay true to yourself.

We will celebrate your achievements together!

Is Coaching Right For You?

Leadership Coaching

  • Do you want to "crank the dial" to improve your effectiveness, your leadership, your career?

  • Are you expanding your responsibilities and want to be purposeful about how you succeed?

  • Have you been told that improving some aspect of your leadership will lead to advancement?

  • Are you aware that you must find a way to keep yourself balanced and healthy in order to support your team and the work at hand?

Life Coaching

  • Do you have a goal, a dream, a niggling idea that you still haven't achieved?

  • Do you feel stuck, treading water, and not sure how to move yourself forward?

  • Are you a creative - an author, a maker, an artist - and you want to focus your energy to share your talents in the world?

  • Is it time to shift your identity and become another version of you - to begin a new chapter, a re-boot, a re-invention, a re-birth?

If you’re saying “Yes” to any of the above questions,
coaching can help you!

If you’re saying “Yes” to any of the above questions,
coaching can help you!

Coaching enables you to find new insights, then use those insights to make positive movement toward your goals. Our partnership gives you the focus you need and the accountability to maintain your momentum.

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One-on-One Coaching

Productive time just for you!
Whether you want to improve your effectiveness, shift to a new chapter, or finally make a dream come true, I'll work with you to clarify what's important, create meaningful goals, and forge a path that will lead to productive action.

Quest Networks

You can do it alone...but you don't have to!
Quest Networks are small groups of individuals, each working on their own goal, who come together to share ideas, leverage resources, provide feedback, and lend emotional support. A combination of learning modules, roll-up-your-sleeves work time, coaching, and peer support, Quest Networks can help you maintain momentum to achieve your goal.
Your network will love to celebrate with you!

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