Effective Organizations

Building a business, a nonprofit, or a community organization requires clarity of mission, the purposeful design of your operation, the investment in your team, the cultivation of trusting partnerships, and the unwavering focus on your customer community.

Evolutions helps leaders create the kind of organization that reflects their vision, cultivates engagement, and leads to sustainable success. We believe that organizations thrive when their leaders and team members nurture their own well-being and create healthy work environments that energize everyone.

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Strategic Planning

Organizations are shaped by what happens beyond their “walls” as much as what happens within them. Evolutions helps leaders consider the competitive environment, clarify their vision, identify the most efficient strategies for success, and measure their progress with a balanced scorecard.

Leadership Teams

Great organizations are led by great leadership teams. The “real” culture – the invisible one – is created from the messages and actions of leaders, and influences everyone’s performance. Evolutions helps leader teams create the organizations they truly want. We help leaders develop a shared vision, make decisions, follow through, communicate, and show up so that they “walk the talk.”

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Board Development

Nonprofits, nongovernmental agencies, and community and service organizations, all rely on the dedication of passionate leaders and teams. Cultivating and caring for their staff and volunteers is essential for sustained engagement. Evolutions helps board members, executive leaders, and staff work together to have a greater impact in their communities.