Evolutions Consulting Group
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True Evolutions

An acorn becomes an oak.
Tiger becomes a phenom.
Google becomes a world force.

Who are you becoming? 
Where is your organization going? 

We are all in constant change.
Our experiences shape who we are, our relationships with others, and the way we accomplish our goals.  We can forge the path that lies ahead, crafting the changes we want, creating true evolutions.

Evolutions Consulting Group helps individuals find and achieve their passions, build lives that are most fulfilling, and improve the skills needed for success. 

We help teams work better together, finding ways to capitalize on individual strengths and boost their collective performance. 

We work with leaders to build organizations that produce sustainable results and move with momentum toward their vision.

With more than 20 years experience Evolutions Consulting brings distinct advantages to a client partnership:
  • multi-national and global companies
  • virtual team effectiveness  
  • entrepreneurs, small businesses 
  • career transitions and corporate exits
  • Web 2.0 and social networking 
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