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Teams That Hum

Great teams are brilliant. 

They get more done than other teams.  They grow individually and collectively.  They tap each member's unique talents, collaborate toward common goals, share insights, pool resources, and communicate in ways that find the best solutions for their efforts.  They have fun while they roll up their sleeves together.

Evolutions  Consulting helps teams exploit their strengths, appreciate their differences, and find their way to kick...well, to hum.

Performance Workshops
A wide variety of facilitated, action-learning solutions designed to target the specific skills needed and the hidden issues that hold teams back from their next level of performance.

Making Memories
Teams that share unusual, challenging, and surprising adventures make memories that tie them together and give them a distinct group identity.  Experiences are designed for shared memories, laughs and lessons that last forever.
Team BonDS
Customized sessions to Build on Diversity & Strengths.  Workstyle assessments, such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, reveal why team members struggle and illuminate how they can fill skill gaps and capitalize on the strengths each brings to the team. 

Leadership Teams
Focused on how leader teams create a shared vision and strategy, make decisions, follow through and measure their results.  A series of facilitated sessions tied to a team's real work over a period of time.
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