Evolutions Consulting Group
Growth opportunities for individuals, teams, & organizations

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Your Personal Growth
Each of us has a quest. 

Whether it is to inspire others through your leadership, to become an expert in your field, to pursue a brewing passion, or to create the most satisfying relationships with those who matter.
Evolutions Consulting works with you to clarify your personal goals and to design a path that moves you forward.

Executive Coaching        
Aimed at leaders who seek to improve the influence they have with their colleagues and their ability to create high performing teams that produce results.

Social Networking
Getting connected to the right people leads to great collaboration and valuable resources. Learn how to create your network through the use of Web 2.0 tools.

Life Coaching        
Designed to help you clarify what is truly important to you, create your most fulfilling whole life, overcome what holds you back from your success, see your situation with new perspective, and take actions that move you forward.

Success Teams
Small groups of individuals who come together to support each other in achieving their personal endeavors.  Facilitated process, shared resources, think tank - and great fun!
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